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Like a Circle in a Spiral

Like a Circle in a Spiral, The Whole Note, September 2, 2014
by Stuart Broomer
“Fern Lindzon is a rare jazz singer, her strong identity based on nuanced expression, a clear, almost silky voice, and a freedom from the collections of mannerisms that many jazz singers use to distinguish themselves. Instead, her work seems to grow from her solid piano playing and the empathy that exists with her band.”

Like a Circle in a Spiral, !earshot, Aug 28, 2014
by Shelley Gummeson
“There are moments where she is smart and smouldering, sublimely elegant, and flowing in her interpretations.”

Like a Circle in a Spiral, Los Angeles Jazz Scene, Aug, 2014
by Scott Yanow
“Whether it is “Even Divas Get The Blues,” Egberto Gismonti’s “Loro” or the witty “Jazz At The Bookstore,” Like A Circle In A Spiral will reward repeated listenings.”

Like a Circle in a Spiral, The Senior Times, Montreal, July 16, 2014
by Irwin Block
“This 11-song collection reveals the growing confidence and expanded scope of singer/pianist Fern Lindzon.”

Even Divas Get the Blues, Feature Article in Canadian Jewish News, May 28, 2014
by Kathryn Kates

Like a Circle in a Spiral, New Canadian Music, May 8, 2014
by Kerry Doole
“Fern Lindzon is one of the most adventurous and accomplished vocalists, pianists and songwriters on the T.O. jazz scene, and she has a JUNO nomination (in 2012, for the superb Two Kites) to prove it.”

Like a Circle in a Spiral, NOW Magazine May 8, 2014
by Sarah Greene
“Juno-nominated pianist and vocalist Fern Lindzon takes an unusually eclectic, international approach to jazz.”

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Two Kites

Two Kites, Jazz Report, Best of 2012, Dec 28, 2012
by Paul Youngman
“These are a few of my favorite things… 1. Fern Lindzon – Two Kites

CD review: Two Kites,, April 16, 2012
by Paul J. Youngman
“Lindzon is a wonderful artist, she creates vocal magic for me and her piano playing – striking comes to mind, as does Monk and Evans.”

Two Kites, Juno jazz nominees capture breadth of Canadian talent,, March 29, 2012
by Stuart Broomer
“Fern Lindzon is a vocalist of rare talent and innate musicality, and she takes chances with repertoire and approach.”

CD review: Two Kites, La Scena Musicale, November 2011
by Alain Londes
“Overall this disc achieves a fine balance between Lindzon’s lyrical voice and the backing of her talented band. Its upbeat feel is like a fresh message of love very much needed for the times we live in.”

CD Review: Two Kites. CD of the Week, CKUA, Sept. 2011
by Dianne Donovan, Voices in Jazz
“Lindzon steers away from vocal acrobatics, and uses her voice like a painter’s brush. Her voice is airy but it is delivered in a focused stream with the control of a yogini.”

An artful, adventurous approach to music, The Senior Times, Montreal, July 2011
By Irwin Block
“Lindzon has emerged as a rare and fascinating talent, combining an artful and adventurous approach to her piano and vocals, writing and arranging”

CD review: Two Kites, The WholeNote, June 2011
By Lesley Mitchell-Clarke
“there is a unifying creative intent on this breathtakingly beautiful album.”

CD review: Two Kites, Los Angeles Jazz Scene, June 2011
by Scott Yanow
“Fern Lindzon has a warm and haunting voice that displays the influence of both classical and folk music along with excellent technique on the piano and an adventurous spirit.”

Live Review: Two Kites launch, Tandem, May 2011
By Kerry Doole
“she dazzled with fluent and elegant piano playing…while her vocals ranged from lighthearted to soulful with ease.”

Five Questions for Fern Lindzon, Ottawa Citizen jazzblog, May 2011
by Peter Hum

Live Review: Two Kites, Soaring Kites and Soaring Voices, The Purple Cabbage, May 2011
by Maureen Murray
“Each outing reveals more of Miss Lindzon’s talent and versatility, and like a kite, she continues to soar.”

Article: Two Kites, Tandem, April 2011
By Kerry Doole
“Fern Lindzon flies high with Two Kites

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Moments Like These

CD review: Moments Like These, Toronto Life, March 2009
by Stuart Broomer
“Fern Lindzon revealed the breadth of her talents as both singer and pianist with 2008’s Moments Like These, a collection of thoughtful duets with George Koller, Reg Schwager and Don Thompson.”

CD Review: Moments Like These,, Oct 30, 2008
by Keith Wolzinger
“…immerse yourself in the music, and seize the moments that this album offers. Moments like these don’t occur very often.”

CD Review: Moments Like These, Coda Magazine, May 2008
by Tracey Nolan
“Lindzon’s vocals are rich, elegant and, thanks in part to her many years of stage experience, delivered with a sense of confidence and ease.”

Feature Article: Inspired by Ella, The Globe and Mail, April 2008
by Michael Posner
“Fern Lindzon was on her way to becoming a classical pianist until she unexpectedly fell in love with jazz.
Now, she’s one of Toronto’s most popular performers”

CD Review: Moments Like These, Los Angeles Jazz Scene, April 2008
by Scott Yanow
“Everything works.

Clearly Fern Lindzon deserves to be better known on this side of the Canadian border. Moments Like These is a keeper.”

CD Review: Moments Like These, Vancouver Sun, April 2008
Marke Andrews
“…performed with great taste and musicality”

CD Review: Moments Like These, WholeNote Magazine, April 2008
by Jim Galloway
“Take a sensitive singer/pianist, choose an imaginative set of songs… listeners to the music will find a great deal of pleasure in this tasteful collection of superior lyrics and melodies.”

CD Review: Moments Like These, NOW, February 21, 2008
by Addi Stewart
“Interesting how such a basic set of instruments can create such divergent thoughts and feelings. A vibraphone, a guitar, a bass and a female voice add up to more than the sum of their parts on Lindzon’s debut.”

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Other Press

Tandem, On The Beat, April 10, 2013
by Kerry Doole

Toronto Silent Film Festival, Sound on Sight, April 8, 2013
by David Fiore
“The event benefited immensely from… the accompaniment of jazz notable Fern Lindzon, who worked a number of ironic pop melodies and dark variations on the Wedding March into her nimble piano kibitzing.”

Audio Interview: CBC Fresh Air, Silent Film Musician, October 28, 2012
Interview with Karen Gordon about composing for silent movies.

Toronto Jazz Festival, My Toronto Today, The swingin’ sounds of North Toronto, June 18, 2012

Toronto Jazz Festival, Canadian Jewish News, June, 2012
by Kathryn Kates, June 6 2012
Singer/pianist Fern Lindzon at T.O. jazz fest

“Juno nominee Fern Lindzon: whatever inspires”, Ottawa Jazz Scene, March 2012
by Alayne McGregor

Musical Toronto, Fern Lindzon and Theresa Tova cabaret at Green Door cuts the seasonal syrup, December 17, 2011
by John Terauds

Village Now, Victoria BC, Fern Lindzon Two Kites CD gets great reviews, July 6, 2011

Best Bets, Ottawa Citizen, May 2011
by Peter Hum

Live Review: Chalkers Pub,, Jan 29, 2010
by Paul J. Youngman
“Fern Lindzon played piano in a spacious melodic style and provided vocal phrasing with grand sustain and beautiful clear notes cascading from one to the next.”

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